It is truly my prayer that your visit here will bless you as you take a journey into my own personal life and ministry. As many of us can attest, our lives have not been without its’ share of problems, pain and disappointment. For a large number of us, this is a huge understatement.

God has granted me permission to share my life and story with you as a means of helping to bring about healing and deliverance to those who have walked in similar shoes. As I candidly share my past with you, I pray that you will understand that child abuse or abuse of any kind; family struggles; heartache, heartbreak; multiple relationships, marriages, divorces, remarriages; and a life full of trial and error does not negate us from being used in God’s Kingdom.

It has taken a lifetime for me to fully understand that God truly does know the plans and thoughts that He thinks toward me (Jeremiah 29:11) and with all that I have been through and all that God has saved me from, I am honored and humbled to share my life with you! Your story may not be the same as mine but it is a story nonetheless.

Welcome to “There Is A Story Behind My Praise!”